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MA in history Bogusław Kurek
Licensed guide to Warsaw
tel.: (+48) 601-70-70-18

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About me


Dear Visitor,

Welcome to my website. My name’s Bogusław  Kurek, I’m a licensed Warsaw city guide.

Born and local to Warsaw I will gladly provide you with the most important facts from

the past, present and even the future of the City I know so well.

If you feel like spotting the place where the Warsaw Dragon lived (Yes! The W a r s a w one, not

its Krakow impersonator and a pale reflection of my Lord), or where the country’s last King

was buried and where Marie Curie was born, just let me know, my Friend.

Here’s my Mission Statement: To change the perception of Warsaw as a shabby, grey

and gloomy place inhabited by an unhappy lot. This perception is WRONG and I can prove it.

I’m convinced that if you let me show you around, you’ll find why theVarsoviennes are so

proud of their city and why, despite the city’s virtual annihilation in the nineteen-forties, the

people of Warsaw chose to successfully rebuild their city and made it remain the country’s


Do give a shout when around – or planning to fly over.

Truly yours,


The Official Personal Butler to Basiliscus the Great, the Dragon of Warsaw